2007 Welsh cross gelding 14.1 HH

Cadlan Valley Cardinal x Daisy 

Sondais has brought his owner from the cross poles up to the rated pony division and is now ready to teach his next little person the ropes ~ Sold~




Sondais has been much loved by his current girl and they have owned him for the past four years since his rider was a very beginner 9 year old. They started together in the cross poles division and without a lot of shows are now very successful in the rated pony division in both the hunters and jumpers. He also rides out in the field bareback with or without company and his owner spends hours fussing over him and he absolutely loves it. He is a slab sided pony so can carry a tiny rider but at the same time has a nice neck set for someone with a taller upper body. In our program he has never had any show prep and has had very minimal training rides. He has always gotten a very good piece of the hack and the judges love his flashy socks and beautiful face. He has been shown locally as well as Thunderbird and is always doing well in both divisions. This pony in a program would become a top hunter pony or he could take another girl around both rings and teach them a ton and they will have a blast along the way.

Sondais in the jumpers September 2016


Sondais hunter schooling September 2016


Sondais at age 6 with Orla age 10 when Orla was just learning how to canter




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