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Klondike Victory Farm is proud of the quality of young prospects that we are producing via a careful selection process from our proven, well bred mares with our exceptional stallions that we stand, along with outside frozen semen stallions of outstanding quality.







Our offspring are well worked with but at the same time allowed to grow up in a herd situation so that they can develop proper socialization and get natural exercise in large pastures. 

We have found that light handling with age appropriate work and the time allowed to grow up creates confident, happy horses who love to go to work and have the strength to carry on into performance careers!

We have developed several top horses this way and continue to develop them, including:

  • Tacorde, 1.60m jumper bought as a coming three year old 
  •  Zeno, 1.60m jumper bought as a two year old
  • Anthony, Champion 7 year old finals 2012 now a winning 1.30m horse, bred by KVF
  • Elle Carrera, Champion 6 year old finals 2015, bred by KVF
  • These are just a few examples of how well our program works and there are several more who have been sold and are now winning on the show circuit!

   2012 Offspring


Huck Finn  -- Sold --

2012 | Bay | Gelding | Talme x Tempranillo



Havanna Star

2012 | Bay | Mare | Zeno x Quick Star


Hellz Bellz --  Sold -- 

2012 | Bay | Gelding | Tacorde x Mermus R



2012 | Chestnut | Stallion| Tacorde x Burggraaf


Hooz Da Kat

2012 | Chestnut | Mare | Zeno x Tempranillo



2013 Offspring



2013 | Bay | Mare | Talme x Mermus R


Izzabria --Sold--

2013 | Chestnut | Mare | Tacorde x Calvados


2014 Offspring

Jorlanda Jump 

Jorlanda --Sold--

2014 | Bay | Mare | Orlando x Indorado



2014 | Chestnut | Gelding | Zeno x Talme


Jaminka --Sold--

2014 | Bay | Mare | Zeno x Desktop



2014 | Bay | Gelding | Don Quixote x Calvados


Just Bill Me

2014 | Chestnut | Mare | Tacorde x Northern Baby xx




Just a Cat

2014 | Bay | Mare | Peterbuilt x Tempranillo


2015 Offspring



2015 | Chestnut | Mare | Tacorde x Zeno




2015 | Chestnut | Mare | Zeno x Talme

photo: dam



2015 | Bay | Mare | Tempranillo x Talme

 photo: dam

quickstar jump



2015 | Bay| Mare | Tacorde x Quick Star

photo: damsire - Quick Star


 tacorde2011 tb greyoxerhind


Kool Kat

2015 | Chestnut | Mare | Tacorde x Tempranillo

photo: sire





 2016 Offspring       
 2016 | Chestnut | Colt | Tempranillo x Darco  Mother jumped the 1.50m and is producing excellent, amateur friendly jumpers
 2016 | Bay | Colt | Tempranillo x Contender  Mother jumped the 1.40m and was amateur ridden for most of her career
 2016 | Bay | Filly | Tempranillo x Contender Full sister to the above colt, both produced via embryo transfer 
 2016 | Chestnut | Colt | Zeno x Calvados Mother jumped the 1.20m with a Jr, full brother jumped the 1.15m with an amateur and is now ridden by a short listed Dressage Para Olympic rider
 2016 | Chestnut | Colt | Zeno x Vigaro Z  Mother jumped the 1.50m
2016 | Chestnut | Filly | Zeno x Tempranillo  Mother jumped the young horse 6 year old finals, full sister at 4 is already a very competitive jumper who qualified for the 4 year old finals
2016 | Bay | Colt | Don Quixote x Calvados Mother jumped the 1.30m (full sister to Tempranillo), half brother (Zeno) won the 5 year old championship at Brandon 2016