Wendy 2003 chestnut 16.3hh imported KWPN Prok
(Indorado x Rex Magna xx x Rigoletto)

Wendy is the mother of a horse competing in the 1.30m in Europe by Toulon (Heartbreaker x Jokinal de Bornival). Other offspring include Elle Carrera (s. Tempranillo) who is now successfully competing in the FEI 1.45m. Irresistable (s. Don Quixote) who has had good sucess in the amateur 3' hunters and a 2014 filly by Orlando (s. Heartbreaker).

Wendy is by the Holsteiner stallion VDL Indorado who competed at the highest level in the sport. Indorado has sired more than 30 international jumpers. From Wendy's motherline there are a number of horses that have or are competing at the 1.60m level. Wendy's mother has produced two 1.60m horses including Titus who was shown by Guy Williams of Great Britain. Wendy's mothers full brother was a 1.60m horse as well as the 1/2 brother Onze Fons by Alexis Z who is an approved KWPN stallion.


2007  gelding  Toulon  Caesar Bay Competing 1.40m Europe
2009  filly  Anthony  E'Claire
2009  filly  Tempranillo  Elle Carrera Bay Competing FEI 1.45m
2010  filly  Tempranillo  Fendi Bay SOLD 
2013  gelding  Don Quixote   Irresistable Chestnut  
2014  filly  Orlando  Jorlanda Bay SOLD
2017  gelding  Tempranillo  Mazerati Chestnut  
2018  gelding  Hiroko  No Regrets Chestnut  
2018  gelding  Jethro Tull  Napoleon Chestnut  


indorado-head VDLindorado1  Wendy Trot fall
Sire: Indorado   Wendy



Elle 1  Titus OnzeFons-jump
Elle Carrera - Tempranillo x Wendy  Titus-Lancelot x Rex Magna - Wendy's 1/2 brother 1.60m  Onze Fons - Wendy's mothers 1/2 brother