Contikki 2007 bay 16.3hh imported Holsteiner
(Contender x Landucci)

Contikki completed the mare performance test in Germany and received very high scores. Her oldest Tacorde daughter is proving to be an excellent jumper who is going to be very competitive. 

Contikki's sire Contender has offspring at the highest level of sport and has more than 120 approved stallions including Contendro I and II and Colore.



2013 filly Tacorde  Ilana
2017 filly  Tacorde  Montikki


contender-head Contender  Colore
Sire: Contender Sire: Contender

Colore - Contender x Lord


 Ilana greenoxer18 1
 Ilana - s.Tacorde


Coimbra 5 1997 bay 16.1hh imported Holsteiner
(Contender x Caletto I x Capital I)

Coimbra (aka Mandy I) competed up to the 1.35m with her amateur owner and retired from a successful career in sport. Mandy I is the full sister to Convento vd Helle a BWP approved stallion and 1.60m jumper.

Coimbra's sire Contender has offspring at the highest level of sport and has more than 120 approved stallions including Contendro I and II. 


2016 colt  Tempranillo  Lincoln    Sold
2016 filly  Tempranillo  La Creme   
2017 colt  Tacorde  Max  Sold


contender-head Contender Caletto-I
Sire: Contender Sire: Contender

Dam Sire: Caletto I


 Convento van de Helle - Dams full brother 1.60m  



Lolita Star 1999 bay 15.3hh imported 
(Quick Star x Celano)

Lolita Star is a small but mighty force to be reckoned with. She free jumps in great form and easily clears the fences in her Quick Star style.  She has produced some very nice amateur mounts including a gelding by Verdi and another by Tempranillo. 

Lolita's sire Quick Star has offspring at the highest level of sport including Big Star, Nick Skeltons' mount for the 2012 Olympics and Ian Millars Olympic mount Star Power. Her damsire Celano has been producing some exceptional GP jumpers as well, including Kent Farringtons mount Uceko. Through her motherline is the famous stallion Chin Chin a producer of top level horses.



2011   colt  Zeno  Zegato SOLD
2012  filly  Zeno  Havanna Star  
2013  colt  Tacorde  Ivan  SOLD
2015   filly  Tacorde  Kwik Star  SOLD



quickstar-jump quickstar Big-Star-2012-Olympics
Sire: Quick Star  Sire: Quick Star Big Star 2012 & 2016 Olympics - (s. Quick Star)



celano 14MaySpruceBQuick
 Celano - Lolita's Dam sire   B'Quick - s. Tempranillo

Safia 1996 chestnut 15.3hh CWB
(Fils de Lully x Iris de Notre Dame)

Safia has been used exclusively as a brood mare for KVF and has produced some exceptional amateur hunter mounts. Her offspring have exceptional movement and jump in classic form. In 2015 a great grand daughter was born on the farm.  


Cencibel 2007 Mare Tempranillo     SOLD
Dolce 2008 Mare Talme  SOLD 
Ezera 2009 Gelding          Zeno  SOLD
Gabbana 2012 Mare Talme  SOLD
J-Safia 2014 Gelding Talme  SOLD
Luminescence 2016 Filly Don Quixote  



Dolce FullSizeRender  Gabbanaheadonrs
Dolce:  Talme x Safia Ezra: Zeno x Safia

Gabbana: Talme x Safia 





Wendy 2003 chestnut 16.3hh imported KWPN Prok
(Indorado x Rex Magna xx x Rigoletto)

Wendy is the mother of a horse competing in the 1.30m in Europe by Toulon (Heartbreaker x Jokinal de Bornival). Other offspring include Elle Carrera (s. Tempranillo) who is now successfully competing in the FEI 1.45m. Irresistable (s. Don Quixote) who has had good sucess in the amateur 3' hunters and a 2014 filly by Orlando (s. Heartbreaker).

Wendy is by the Holsteiner stallion VDL Indorado who competed at the highest level in the sport. Indorado has sired more than 30 international jumpers. From Wendy's motherline there are a number of horses that have or are competing at the 1.60m level. Wendy's mother has produced two 1.60m horses including Titus who was shown by Guy Williams of Great Britain. Wendy's mothers full brother was a 1.60m horse as well as the 1/2 brother Onze Fons by Alexis Z who is an approved KWPN stallion.


2007  gelding  Toulon  Caesar Bay Competing 1.40m Europe
2009  filly  Anthony  E'Claire
2009  filly  Tempranillo  Elle Carrera Bay Competing FEI 1.45m
2010  filly  Tempranillo  Fendi Bay SOLD 
2013  gelding  Don Quixote   Irresistable Chestnut  
2014  filly  Orlando  Jorlanda Bay SOLD
2017  gelding  Tempranillo  Mazerati Chestnut  
2018  gelding  Hiroko  No Regrets Chestnut  
2018  gelding  Jethro Tull  Napoleon Chestnut  


indorado-head VDLindorado1  Wendy Trot fall
Sire: Indorado   Wendy



Elle 1  Titus OnzeFons-jump
Elle Carrera - Tempranillo x Wendy  Titus-Lancelot x Rex Magna - Wendy's 1/2 brother 1.60m  Onze Fons - Wendy's mothers 1/2 brother




Rosario 1998 chestnut 16.2hh  imported KWPN
(Burggraaf x Voltaire x Drost)

Rosie competed in Europe in the young horse finals in Lanaken before being imported to Canada. She competed in the 1.30m jumpers here in Canada after her import.

Rosie is by the legendary Burggraaf who has been one of the most influential sires of modern times and has produced exceptional jumpers when crossed with Voltaire lined mares just like Rosie.


2008 Colt Gervantus  Don Quixote  Licensed stallion
2011 Colt  Tacorde  Graftti  Sold
2012  Colt Tacorde  Hiroko  Sold - Licensed Stallion
2017 Mare  Tempranillo  Magdalena  
2017 Colt  Tacorde  Maestro  
2018 Colt Tempranillo  Neebles  
2018 Mare  Jethro Tull  Nefertiti  


burggraaf-hfd burggraaf c  RosieJump
Sire: Burggraaf Burggraaf  Rosario




Volibria 2002 chestnut 17.1hh imported KWPN
(Calvados x Damiro x Transvaal x Millerole xx)

Volibria (aka Harrie) is the full sister to Tempranillo. She was a successful show horse in Holland competing up to 1.30m jumper and earned her Ster status before import.

Volibria is by Calvados who has many successful offspring at the international level and is well known as a great broodmare sire including on the motherline of Ian Millars Olympic mount Star Power. He produces good jumpers with excellent rhythm who jump in very good form. Volibria's dam Ilobria is a Keur Pref Prest mare that has produced many offspring jumping the 1.30m or higher with good movement.


2010  gelding  Cicero van Paemel  Acheron II  SOLD
2011  gelding  Zeno   Maverick (Gerry)  SOLD
2012  gelding  Talme  Hawkeye  SOLD
2013  filly  Tacorde  Izzabria  SOLD
2014  gelding  Don Quixote  Johnny Be Good  
2016  gelding  Don Quixote  La Mancha (Larry)  
2017  filly  Hiroko  Milabria  
2018  gelding  Hiroko  No Bad Days  



calvados spr-02

JohnnyConfirm Larry

Sire: Calvados

Calvados Jumping

Johnny: Don Quixote x Volibria Larry (Don Quixote) & Volibria




Vertigo Z 2002 darkbrown 16.3hh imported Zangersheide
(Vigaro Z x Lorenzo)

Vertigo Z (aka Zowii) competed successfully with Lynn Macyk in the 1.40m after being imported from Europe where she had already had a very successful career in the Grand Prix jumpers. 

Zowii's sire Vigaro Z is by the famous sire Darco. Vigaro is enjoying a successful career in the 1.60m. Vigaro's dam herself competed at the 1.40m level and produced a full sister to Vigaro who competed in the 1.50m's.  Zowii's dam sire Lorenzo was sired by Concorde which makes for an intersting combination of international jumpers in her pedigree. 

Zowii's offspring are proving to be very striking showing lots of talent for the jumpers.


 2016  Gelding  Zeno  Zen (Leroy)   Sold
 2017  Gelding  Tempranillo  Monte Cillo  
 2018  Mare  Tacorde  Nutmeg  


Horse Vigaro Z- 2big Zowii-lynn zowii-lynn2
Sire: Vigaro Z  Vertigo Z Vertigo Z




Ilobria 1990 bay 16.3hh imported KWPN Keur Pref Prest
(Damiro x Transvaal x Millerole xx)

Ilobria is the mother of numerous offspring in Holland as well as Tempranillo, Volibria and Anthony and a colt by Tacorde. She was a very successful show horse in Holland competing up to 1.30m jumper and third level dressage all while having foals every second year. She was awarded her Keur status early on and then after producing many successful offspring has also received her Pref status. Her daughters have gone on to produce many good show horses including one that was imported to the USA and is now doing the high Jr/Am jumpers.

Ilobria is by Damiro who is becoming well known as a great broodmare sire with several mares producing licensed and approved stallions. He produces both good movers and jumpers as well as very correct conformation. Ilobria's dam Colibria Keur Pref is by the Abgar xx son Transvaal she then has more Thoroughbred blood via Millerole xx up close making Colibria a very good cross for the larger framed stallions.


 Anthony RMSJ  Ilobria 06-1
 colt by Ovidius  colt by Tacorde

Beya Cat 2006 chestnut 16.2hh  CSH CWB
(Tempranillo x Manhattan x Le Mexico)

Beya Cat was KVF's first embyro transfer, since then we have enjoyed many more successful embyro transfers. Beya Cat competed in the 6 year old young horse classes and is a powerhouse jumper. 

Beya Cat is by Tempranillo who competed up to 1.40m with an amateur rider. Her mother, Surprice Ducat Ster Prok, was imported from Holland as a young horse. She was top 10 as a 3 year old in free jumping for young mares. This strong motherline has produced a mare that sold at a selct sale in Europe for 360.000 euros as a 5 year old, as well as, producing numerous 1.30m jumpers and above. 


2012  filly  Zeno  Hooz Da Kat  Championships in 1.20m and competd to 1.30m
2014  filly   Peterbuilt   Just a Cat  SOLD
2015  filly   Tacorde   Kool Kat  SOLD
2016 filly  Zeno  Laprice ducat  
2017 filly Orlando  Meer Kat  


379181 162531463897367 1570307169 n manhattan-jump HoozConfirm
Sire: Tempranillo  Dam sire: Manhattan Hooz da Kat: Zeno x Beya Kat





 Klondike Victory Farm is very proud of the broodmares that we have purchased over the past several years. We have exceptionally well bred imported Dutch mares, Holsteiner and Zangersheide mares as well as several domestic bred mares who have proven to produce top quality show horses. We have been successfully doing embryo transfers on our young show mares so that they may stay in training. We are now proud to say that we have had several second generation foals produced from our mares and in 2015 had our first 3rd generation filly.